Lesson Request Form

Buses must stay on site for the duration of the visit. Please inform your bus garage.

If you intend to apply for a scholarship:

1. Read the scholarship information provided here.
2. Determine your school's current annual expense per pupil and total percentage of free/reduced lunch program students in advance. You will need that information to fill out the form.
3. BY SUBMITTING THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION portion of this form, the primary teacher acknowledges:

  • I am not guaranteed a scholarship until Friends of Five Rivers sends written confirmation.
  • I am responsible for booking the Guided Lesson and the transportation for this field trip.
  • I am responsible to cancel the Guided Lesson AND the transportation in accordance with the pre-visit materials. I am further responsible to return all scholarship funds should a cancellation occur.
  • I understand and meet the requirments of this scholarship on behalf of the school and the class applying.