Guided School Program Scholarship Application

All are welcome to visit and explore the outdoor classroom at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center. Guided Lessons encourage students to engage with their environment through hands-on activities designed around NYS Standards. Due to the limited funding available from Friends of Five Rivers we ask that you first apply for funding through New York States “Connect Kids to Parks” via this link: . Should you not receive a NYS Connects Kids Grant, Friends of Five Rivers’ Guided School Program (GSP) Scholarships are available.

Guided School Program Scholarships can be used to cover the cost of lessons and/or busing. Teachers are urged to read the following guidelines and submit an application in a timely manner. We hope to see you at Five Rivers!

Scholarship Information

  • Teachers may apply for a Guided Lesson Scholarship once per year.
  • A maximum of $600 may be awarded to cover the following costs:
    • Guided Lesson Fees - $50 per group. Number of groups is stated in your confirmation letter.
    • Bus Transportation – cost of busing with a two bus maximum
    • Guided Lesson and Bus Transportation - a combination of the above.
  • Special consideration will be given to those able to demonstrate need.
  • A maximum of 2 scholarships can be awarded per school per academic year.

Steps to Apply for a Guided School Program Scholarship

  1. Schedule a Guided School Program Lesson using the online Lesson Request Form found on Friends’ website (
  2. Receive confirmation of your visit date and time from Friends in the form of a Confirmation Letter.
  3. Arrange bus transportation for the confirmed date and time.
  4. Complete the online Scholarship Application form in its entirety.

Submit the scholarship form online or via email ( month prior to your visit. Applications are reviewed and awarded on a monthly basis.

Cancellation Policy

In the case of a cancellation, teachers are responsible to notify Five Rivers and the transportation service in accordance with guidelines stated in the Confirmation Letter. All scholarship funds must be returned to Friends of Five Rivers should a cancellation occur.

Application Materials

Fax: (518) 475-0293, School Program Scholarship
Guided School Program Scholarship
Friends of Five Rivers
56 Game Farm Road, Delmar, NY 12054


518) 475-0295 or

Scholarship Application

By submitting this form, the Primary Contact Teacher acknowledges:

  1. I am not guaranteed a scholarship until Friends of Five Rivers sends a written confirmation. I am responsible to read and adhere to the pre-visit materials sent after a scholarship has been awarded.
  2. I am responsible for booking the Guided Lesson and the transportation for this field trip.
  3. I am responsible to cancel the Guided Lesson and the transportation in accordance with the guidelines in the Confirmation Letter. I am further responsible to return all scholarship funds should a cancellation occur.
  4. I understand and meet the requirements of this scholarship on behalf of the school and classes applying.