Marvelous Maples

50 MIN, Grades Pre-K – 3 (only offered in March)

This "hands-on" lesson, taught only in March, demonstrates the process of maple sugaring. Some basic concepts of forestry and tree identification are covered. Students see and participate in the entire sugaring process from sap to syrup, and taste the sweet result. The lesson encourages an appreciation of forest resources and an understanding of how people depend on, and affect, the natural environment. Students use all five senses during this lesson: they watch the crystal-clear sap drip from the tapped trees, and smell the sap boiling in the evaporator. They use their hands to twirl a drill and pound a spile. They listen to stories about how sugaring is done today. And, of course, taste buds are used to sample maple syrup! Marvelous Maples has a different format than other lessons. It is 50 minutes long. Lessons may be scheduled for 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 or 1:00 weekdays in March. Lessons are taught completely outdoors unless the weather is inclement. In this event, some of the lesson may be taught indoors, but students will still go outdoors to inspect the trees and tour the evaporator. To provide the most effective learning experience, we divide large classes into smaller groups. The maximum field party size allowed is 12 students. Two adults (teacher and/or chaperones) are required from the school for each field party of 12 students.

Advanced Maples - Grades 3 - 4 (2 hours)

Students investigate roots, leaves and sap before playing Grow A Tree to construct a better understanding of photosynthesis. Outside in the woodlot, students taste sap flowing from a maple tree before heading to the Sugar Shack to link sap to syrup via the process of evaporation and, yes, a final taste.

Fee Schedule

A fee is charged to cover the cost of running the program. Please note that you are responsible to pay for the number of students originally scheduled, even if some are absent. For groups of 10 or less, the fee is $20. For groups of 11 or more, the fee is $2 per student. Teachers and chaperones participate for no additional fee. Reimbursement is available through BOCES Arts in Education and Exploratory Enrichment Programs. Payment is due upon arrival unless prior arrangements are made through BOCES or school district purchase order.