Stories of Five Rivers

Former board member RoseAnne Fogarty, who is writing a history of Five Rivers, offers this colorful reminiscence included in that history. Stay tuned; no doubt more interesting stories will be revealed when the history is published and made available!

From November 1933 to September 1936, the Delmar Experimental Game Farm at what is now Five Rivers was home to a company of the Civilian Conservation Corps. One of the CCC enrollees, Llewellyn “Tarzan” Baker, noted that sometimes camp routine was broken by unusual events.

“A cup of gasoline was added to the mop water to scrub down the barracks floor to keep the dust down,” recalled Baker. “When mopping was finished the leftover water was dumped down the service latrine. One day the fire alarm sounded and everyone dropped their shovels and ran for the camp. When we got there, the latrine was on fire and there were four men blown halfway through the canvas top with their legs and bare behinds scorched. It seems there were three men sitting on the latrine when a fourth man came in, sat down, and lit cigarette and threw the match down the next hole. We got the fire out and took the men to the infirmary where the doctor kept them for a week. The building was damaged very little apart from the canvas roof.”